Riccardo Marzi – from Florence, Italy

Beautiful  and unique serving pieces, handmade by Riccardo Marzi in Florence, Italy.  Each piece is made of clear resin, with various embedded elements of nature, such as fruits, spices, flowers.  We have six beautiful collections – Peppers and Spices, Oranges and Wheat, Autumn Wheat, Berries and Leaves, and River Stones and Seashells.

Each article has its mould (male and female) in which decorations are individually laid out by hand (ears of wheat, flowers, pebbles, chili, spices, oranges, etc.). Once the composition is arranged, the mould is closed and the transparent resin (in liquid form) is poured in from one end.

At this point the several sealed moulds are ready for the vacuum machine, where most of the air bubbles that may have formed inside are expelled.  The resin requires a whole night to dry out. Once solid, the object is extracted from the mould. The item is then repeatedly sandpapered, becoming opaque. Any air bubbles that may have surfaced are then removed and filled. A meticulous check is made to make sure each piece as perfect as possible.

Finally the item is given a food-safe finish, bagged, and individually packaged in a custom-made carton made from recycled board. Enclosed in the packaging is a guarantee certificate attesting that the item is genuinely made and designed in Italy.

Riccardo Marzi – Care

The pieces are food-safe for serving both cold and hot foods, although extremely hot foods should be avoided.    Knives should not be used on the pieces.  Items should be hand washed.