Handmade Ceramics from Italy.

All of our Italian ceramics are from small family businesses in Tuscany and Umbria.  Pieces are both functional and decorative and include all types of serving platters, bowls, trays, centerpieces, etc.

All the ceramics sold by Tuscan Designs are completely hand-painted by artists in Italy in towns including Deruta, Siena, Orvieto, Montelupo, and Archidosso. The artists produce many different pieces, including vases, plates, bowls, mugs, serving platters, etc. All of their work belongs to a category of ceramics called Majolica.   Artists include Valeria Tassi, Gialletti, Olla, Feba, Loredana Mocio, Ammannati, Il Mondo Magico, La Gabbianella.