Rachel’s Mitzvah Project

All Profits go to the Vidya & Child Project – Girls’ Education and Support Program

My project is complete. Thanks for your support!!


New Delhi / 2018-19

Vidya and Child operates 5 learning centers that support 700 underprivileged drop-outs. Mainstream school is no longer an option for many of these girls who were once pulled out either to get married, or to help with domestic labor. The curriculum at Vidya & Child has been specifically augmented with counseling and vocational training to equip girls with skills needed to earn a livelihood after school. “Bloom & Give” produces handmade products including scarves, bags and textiles in India and provides 100% funding to 35 girls in this program.  This is just one of the many programs that Bloom and Give supports that target specific obstacles in each community that prevents girls from going to school.


100% of my (Rachel’s) profits from your purchases, and 50% of Bloom and Give’s profits will go directly to the Vidya & Child project.